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Update: January 9, 2019

Adachi City Urban Agricultural Park

Urban Agricultural Park is park featuring the theme of "we live with nature to learn naturally playing with nature". Cherry tree of various kinds is planted in lawn open space of park Chuo and can enjoy colorful cherry blossoms in spring. In addition, at large flower bed of riverbed, we can enjoy seasonal flower including cosmos in spring in tulip, autumn. It is park which we can learn while enjoying about familiar nature and creature through one year including class about agriculture experience classroom using rice field and field, herb classroom which utilized herb garden with symbiosis building of person and nature and plant as nature and opportunity touching.

※We tell about recruitment of event participants in poster and Adachi public information in garden, event information.

[the highlight]
Cherry tree of approximately 50 kinds of more than 290 is planted in spring flower festa (the middle of April) ... garden, and Chuo lawn open space is colored white and yellow, light red and crimson, and it is colored by "five colors of cherry trees" of approximately 30 kinds of 90 which went home from the Washington City Potomac banks of a river. In addition, flowers such as tulips of approximately 35,000 pitches of field mustard and Arakawa riverbed large flower bed bloom in profusion and let you feel the green richness.

[main event]
Five colors of Sakura Festival (April), autumn harvest festival (November), various agriculture experience classrooms, herb classroom, gardening class, country school, observation society, Satsuki exhibition, Chrysanthemum flower exhibition

[facilities in garden]
"Kitchen is fresh administration office, visitor center, meeting room, person and symbiosis building, greenhouse of nature, herb garden, studio ridge, Kohoku five colors cherry tree document exhibition room, old agricultural machinery exhibition hall, rest house," of old folk house, gate of a tenement house style, Parking, lawn open space, field, field, Bairin, pond, Arakawa riverbed very much flower beds

[fee for entering kindergarten]
Free of charge

For a price (155 normal cars, five for person with a physical disability, large car six) ※The use of large car needs advance reservations.

Pet (service dogs such as guide dogs are excluded) cannot enter a kindergarten in garden.
In addition, the garden is fire strict prohibition including Arakawa, new Shibakawa riverbed. As the garden is entirely non-smoking, please refrain from smoking in garden.
Farm products, plant in garden is carrying out strict prohibition.

Facilities information


Zip code 123-0864
2-44-1, Shikahama, Adachi-ku

Access method

Person who comes in public transport
1.Nishi-Arai Station (Tobu Skytree line)
The east exit (community bus Harukaze)
Or "Shikahama Urban Agricultural Park line" terminal gets off from the west exit (Tobu bus)

2.Nishiaraidaishi-Nishi Station (metropolitan Nippori Toneri Liner)
Community bus Harukaze "Shikahama Urban Agricultural Park line" terminal getting off

3.The Akabane Station east exit (JR Takasaki Line, Utsunomiya Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, Saikyo Line, Shinjuku Shonan line line)
Kokusai Kogyo bus "Nishi-Arai Station line via Ohashi, Arakawa" Shikahama 5-chome drop off walk five minutes
※As 2 systems have "Nishi-Arai Station line" from the Akabane Station east exit, in the case of the use, please be careful

4.Akabane-Iwabuchi Station (Tokyo Metro Namboku Line, Saitama high-speed railway)
Kokusai Kogyo bus "Nishi-Arai Station line via Ohashi, Arakawa" Shikahama 5-chome drop off walk five minutes

5.The Kawaguchi Station east exit (JR Keihin-Tohoku Line)
Kokusai Kogyo bus "Shikahama Ryoke circulation" Shikahama 5-chome drop off walk five minutes

6.Oji Station (JR Keihin-Tohoku Line, Tokyo Metro Namboku Line) Oji-Ekimae Station (Toden-Arawaka Line)
Metropolitan bus "part of Adachi City behavior" "Senju garage line," it is Tobu bus "Kameari Station north exit line" Shikahama bridge drop off walk 12 minutes
※Because "Kameari Station north exit line" bus has little number, in the case of the use, please confirm beforehand

7.The Kameari Station north exit (JR Joban Line local train)
Tobu bus "Oji Station line" Shikahama bridge drop off walk 12 minutes
※Because "Oji Station line" bus has little number, in the case of the use, please confirm beforehand

8.Person who comes by car
From the downtown area area from approximately 800 meters of Metropolitan expressway Kawaguchi Line descent "Shikahama bridge exit" going straight, Kasai, Kameari, Umejima area 600 meters of Circular Route 7 inner circle (prince, Koenji direction) Shikahama Bridge branch road end right turns

Closed days

3 every month first Wednesday (when "day of inhabitant of a ward" on holidays, October 1 next weekdays)
The year-end and New Year holidays (from December 29 next year January 1)
※But it may be closed other than the above for check in garden.

Opening Hours

From 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. (from May through August until 6:00 p.m.)
※Entrance of Parking until 20 minutes before close.

Phone number




Listing of this facilities


Person in charge of Green and Park Promotion Division Park Management Section base park

TEL 03-3880-5897

Fax: 03-3880-5620

E-mail: k-kouen@city.adachi.tokyo.jp

Mail form: We tell and e-mail

When you inquire by an e-mail, we cannot reply depending on the e-mail address you use.
Look at "E-mail address to which Adachi City cannot transmit mail" for detail.

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